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Pathos GmbH has developed special products over several years. The brands CELTS-BERRY, BLACKHOGs and PATHOS are the result of different development approaches. Originally only the own requirements were the goal!

Johann Loder Managing Director Pathos GmbH

Pathos GmbH was founded in 2009. Pathos GmbH develops new products with our company philosophy.

Our philosophy is: We want to develop products that support the body's own functions in the most natural way.

Since we could not obtain some of our raw materials in the quality and purity on the market, we began to develop and manufacture these raw materials ourselves. So now we produce our own OPC-EXTRAKT in organic quality, we produce our own high-quality organic oils and organic special flours.

Our products are characterized by our craftsmanship. Our small production batches allow much more special processes as it is possible with industrial plants, thus our products also stand out considerably. Bio-pur in handicraft quality made in Austria!

The following products have been developed over the years:

BLACKHOGs anti-aging Guarana-Coffeindrink bio (http://www.blackhogs.eu/)
CELTS-BERRY OPC extract drops organic (http://www.celts-berry.com/)
CELTS-BERRY Port - OPC Elixir organic
CELTS-BERRY Sweet - date syrup&OPC organic
CELTS-BERRY Detox Caps - natural substance complex for body detoxification
CELTS-BERRY grape seed oil organic
New 2019: CELTS-BERRY opcbit functionaldrink bio
CELTS-BERRY Grape Seed Oil - Organic Face Mask
CELTS-BERRY bread - Bread mix with grape seed flour organic
PATHOS Mitochondrial 21 - Nutritional Supplements (Fibromialgia)

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Johann Loder/ Elena Mpalas-Loder - Geschäftsführung der Pathos GmbH